Sample & Prototyping

At ZC Packages, we understand that a successful printing and packaging project requires careful planning and attention to detail. That's why we offer a comprehensive sample and prototyping service to help you perfect your designs before mass production. We can produce a range of sample and prototype options, from simple cardboard mock-ups to fully functional packaging prototypes.

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Crafting Samples and Prototypes for Everyone

At ZC Packages, we believe that every product deserves to be crafted with precision and care. That's why we offer everyone a comprehensive sample and prototyping service, from individual makers to large corporations. Our team can help you take your product ideas from concept to reality by creating accurate and functional prototypes that meet your specifications.

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Interactive 3D Sample

Our interactive 3D samples are the perfect way to bring your product to life. Using the latest technology, we can create fully interactive 3D models that allow you to explore and visualize your product from every angle.

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Plain Sample

Our plain samples are a simple, cost-effective way to test and refine your product designs. We can produce plain samples in various materials, from cardboard to plastic, to give you a clear idea of how your product will look and feel.

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Digital Sample

Our digital samples are a fast and cost-effective way to test and refine your product designs. We can create digital samples that accurately reflect your product's specifications using the latest software and technology.

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Production Sample

Our production samples are ideal for anyone moving from the sample and prototyping phase to mass production. We can produce samples for various products, from consumer goods to industrial machinery.

Applying Smart Materials

to Solve Modern Challenges

In today's fast-paced world, the packaging industry is continually evolving to encounter the changing requirements of consumers and businesses. From sustainability to convenience, modern packaging presents various challenges that require innovative solutions. At ZC Packages, we're dedicated to using smart materials to address these challenges and create packaging solutions that meet the needs of today's world. Smart materials can sense, respond to, and adapt to their environment, making them ideal for various packaging applications.

By incorporating smart materials into our packaging designs, we can create products that are more sustainable, more user-friendly, and more effective at protecting and preserving their contents. Whether you need packaging for food, consumer goods, or industrial products, we can collaborate with you to develop a custom solution that fulfills your specific requirements.

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Structure and

Size Validation

When it comes to packaging, quality and consistency are key. Your products must be packaged to ensure they arrive at their destination intact and in good condition. At ZC Packages, we understand the importance of proper structure and size validation in achieving this goal. Structure and size validation involves a series of tests and inspections to ensure that your packaging is constructed to the right specifications and meets the necessary quality standards.

We use advanced technology and industry-standard testing methods to ensure the highest accuracy and precision in our structure and size validation processes. Our team is dedicated to delivering packaging solutions that fulfill your specific needs and exceed your expectations. If you're looking for the best packaging partner in the USA who can help you achieve the highest level of consistency and quality in your packaging, contact us today.

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Rigorous Proofing

and Precise Color Matching

When it comes to packaging, appearance matters, your packaging is often the first thing your customers see, and it needs to look great every time. At ZC Packages, we understand the importance of stringent proofing and color matching in achieving this goal. Stringent proofing involves a thorough review and approval process to ensure your packaging design is accurate, consistent, and meets your specific requirements. Color matching is another critical aspect of achieving consistent and high-quality packaging. We use advanced color management tools and techniques to ensure your packaging colors are accurate, consistent and match your brand standards.

By incorporating stringent proofing and color-matching processes into our packaging production, we can ensure that your packaging looks great every time, helping to strengthen your brand image and improving customer satisfaction. If you're looking for the best packaging partner in the USA who can help you achieve the highest level of quality and consistency in your packaging, contact us today.

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Our Production


We have local and overseas production facilities with the latest machinery. We employ a wide range of production techniques and processes that help give numerous packaging options while ensuring product quality.


Answers to most commonly asked questions.

Can I get a complete custom packaging solution?

We provide custom packaging solutions to ensure it fits your needs perfectly. You can incorporate your design ideas and tell us the package's dimension specifications.

Is it possible for me to submit my artwork for package design?

Yes, you can also share your artwork, or you can also share your idea; our team of expert designers will turn it into an appealing packaging design.

Do you check the submitted artwork for errors and technical issues before printing?

Yes, we deliver top-quality printing and packaging solutions. Before printing, our QA team checks every design to ensure it looks good and attractive.

What is the turnaround time to make the custom boxes?

The total time for producing your custom boxes depends on the requirements. To get an estimated time, we recommend you connect with one of our experts today.

What type of boxes is ZC Packages produced?

We make all types of boxes, including cosmetics, mailers, candles, beverages, gift boxes, mylar bags, and more. You can contact us to share your specific business needs.

What industries do you serve?

From startups to enterprises, we proudly serve all industries. Profoundly, we have partnered with multiple businesses and helped them to enhance the product's looks.

How does ZC Packages ensure the quality of a product?

Delivering high-quality packaging solutions is our utmost priority, making us the best in the industry. We employ high-quality standards in our work process to ensure you receive the order you want. We follow a rigorous process to identify and eliminate root causes and prevent recurrences. Our QA team always ensure you will get the best.



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Our global manufacturing and logistics network ensures timely delivery at highly-affordable prices.


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